You can be loved so much more than you ever thought was possible.

Join me for my 4-month coaching program that guides you to getting into your TRUE power as a woman through the process of feeling your feelings and deeply listening.

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Welcome to FEEL Like a Woman

Imagine yourself...

  • No longer running away from your emotions or labeling them as “bad”
  • Able to feel real, deep feelings and listen to the messages they have to tell you
  • Totally confident in yourself
  • Bold and empowered, unafraid of the opinions and judgments of others
  • No longer trapped in feelings of unworthiness, self-pity, self-judgment, or insecurity

Can you just IMAGINE how much bigger, better, and brighter your life would feel?!

What would it be like to be...

The woman who walks into the party with her head raised high, eager and excited to make new connections.

The woman who respects her truth and communicates, kindly and clearly, that she's releasing relationships that do not deeply serve her.

The woman who completely trusts her financial decisions, and knows exactly what she wants to buy, where, when, and how. 

The woman who deeply trusts her emotional process and can release tears without shame, or guilt, or self-judgment. 

The woman who is 100%, totally, and completely secure in herself and her relationships. 

Does the thought of this make you feel excited? Uncertain? Unnerved? Hopeful? ALL of these things at the same time? breakthrough emotional bootcamp, FEEL Like a Woman

In this personalized, 4-month coaching program, you will:

  • Reclaim your power to truly FEEL what you’ve been silencing and/or avoiding. (hint: there's SO much love & wisdom waiting for you in these feelings you keep trying to push away!)
  • Learn the secret to shortening your bounceback time when big emotions arise. (You're so much stronger than you realize!)
  • Receive powerful messages from your emotions instead of spinning around in them, so that you can remove the heavy backpack of obligation and put on a sparkly, glittery version of your life that you LOVE. 
  • Discover how to bring feelings back into your body, rather than getting stuck in your head, so that you can receive personalized, divine guidance for creating YOUR dream life.
  • Uncover exactly WHY those “past issues” you’ve resolved STILL keep coming up over and over for you. (and how to finally heal them!)
  • Find and cultivate your Inner Strength. Passion. Joy. and Peace. 

Most of us find ourselves at constant war with our feelings, never realizing just how AWESOME and MAGICAL life can really be!

Fighting in inner struggles. Sparring in contradictory battles. Unable to speak, communicate, or accept what it is that we feel, without having a complete meltdown.

You Are Not Alone.

(and, It Doesn't Have to Be This Way.)

So often we've been told that emotions are wrong. That they're bad. That they're something to be hidden, hushed, or controlled.

From the time we were little girls, we were told to "sit down," "be quiet," and "not make a scene." We were silenced, repressed, and unanswered for the convenience of others and for the sake of a "ladylike" appearance.

Then, we took on the job of silencing as our own role.

In fact....

We've spent so much of our lives keeping ourselves quiet and under control that most of us have forgotten how to feel at all! 

But what if there were a different way to approach emotions? What if there was a way to listen, welcome, and counsel with what we feel deep inside?

What if you and your emotions weren't wrong?

What if, in fact, they were the key to living the life you've only ever dreamed of?


FEEL Like A Woman

Through this coaching program, you will be led and guided into the most confident, connected, and happiest version of yourself through the process of feeling, healing, and listening to, your true emotions. 

It is no longer necessary to hide. No longer necessary to remain silent. No longer necessary to keep yourself from deeply feeling.

Feeling is okay. 

In fact, it's more than okay! It's powerful. It's strong. It's the right and privilege of a woman to be in true connection and embodiment of her feelings.

In this program you can expect:

  • Weekly 60-minute coaching calls for 4 months (12 weeks)
  • An in-depth Welcome Packet to help both you and I get to know you on a deeper level
  • Unlimited Facebook Messenger/email support for any ah-ha's or questions in between coaching sessions 
  • Customized, personalized support and coaching
  • An incredibly empowering experience, unlike any other you've had before

Your investment will be:

Total value: (pay-in-full discount) $4000

Payment Plan: 4 monthly payments of $1,200