What it's like to work with Yuki


"I experienced one of my biggest and most profound breakthroughs with Yuki..."

I absolutely LOVED working with Yuki. Her ability to stay present and take you to depths you didn’t even know you had is incredible! I was amazed at how she could so easily pull back layers to get at the actual issue quickly and efficiently. I experienced one of my biggest and most profound breakthroughs with Yuki (and I’ve done a LOT of personal development work with other coaches and professionals) after just one session! This shifted my life in a BIG way. She has a superpower which lets her see you as you truly are, as the highest and best version of yourself - this alone was one of the most validating and transformational experiences I’ve had. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks, Yuki!

-Shirsten Shirts, Money Mindset Coach & Mentor


"I was equipped with knowledge, power, and practical, hands-on tools..."

My experience working with Yuki as a life coach was phenomenal. Her coaching style is down-to-earth, loving, faithful, optimistic, insightful, trustworthy, and easy to talk to! Working with her is truly transformational. Instead of coming away with an overwhelming list of to-do's and to-fix's, I came away feeling so much better about myself, my life, and my circumstances. I came away from every session seeing more clearly the path made specifically for ME to take. I was equipped with knowledge, power, and practical, hands-on tools (or tool if that's all I could handle at the time of the session) that were custom-fit specifically to my needs and would effectively assist me to continue in the direction intended. I was, for the first time in my life, able to see the rock star that I AM, understand what that feels like, label it in terms meaningful to me, and be empowered to never let that vision fade. Working with Yuki as a life-coach isn't just a game changer, it's an opportunity to see that you're absolutely already winning, able to see it, and validated in treating yourself that way!

-Erika H., dōTERRA Essential Oils Expert

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"Her intuition blew me away..."

My time working with Yuki has been so incredibly transformative. Not only are the results and insights I gained from coaching completely changing my life, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working with Yuki. Her intuition blew me away. The questions she asked seem to come from deep within her and were EXACTLY what I needed to hear or needed to answer. She coaches with the perfect balance of gentle, caring non-judgment and probing questions, all the while holding you accountable for the things you actually want to (or need to!) work on and accomplish. From my coaching with Yuki, I gained valuable insight and clarity around my career, relationships, habits, and life design. I am so grateful for Yuki and the transformation that took place during my program. THANK YOU!

-Ashley Starr, Life Coach 

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"She asked all the right questions..."

Yuki really cares about how you feel, and no matter how pathetic you may feel about your feelings, she realizes that they aren't pathetic, and that it's a big deal to YOU. She never told me what to do; rather, she asked all the right questions and had me talk through my feelings and really dig deep. It's amazing how understanding your own feelings can really relieve your self-doubt, your anxiety, your depression, and your fears. It's amazing what Yuki did for me, and it's something I will never forget. I feel so much lighter, happier, and excited to begin a new day. Life is more joyful.

-Kallie C., Hair Stylist & Photographer

Sarah Flagg, Medium & Life Coach

I worked with Yuki during one of the hardest times in my life. She was able to hold space for me to see my situation and make the best choices for myself. She is curious, open, and so supportive during the coaching calls. One of the biggest things I realized through our coaching was to slow down from my everyday life and check in with how I was feeling. This transformed my life because I was able to really see what it was I needed in each moment. I highly recommend coaching with Yuki; it will be the best investment you can make!