Be the Beyoncé of Your Life

You and Beyoncé have a lot more in common than you might think.

Strength. Talent. Tenacity. Wisdom. Unique flawlessness. Groundedness. Leadership. Courage.

Believe it or not, it's true. And here's why: As the great Jen Sincero has said in her book, "You Are A Badass," what we see in others is a reflection of what's within ourselves. The "bad" things you see in others? They violate your values, or you're highly insecure about the fact that you've already got them. The "good" things in others? They promote and validate your values and somewhere deep inside you, whether you recognize them or not, they are a part of your life.

"But why don't we feel like Beyoncé all the time, if we're so similar?" You might ask. 

Well, it's because we're all at a different stage of development. You, me, Michael Scott... (Although Michael Scott claims he is Beyoncé always, so maybe he's a little further along than we are.)

But just because we don't feel like Beyoncé all the time doesn't mean we can't eventually feel and develop that endless confidence, and become the fearless leader of our lives. Our mere recognition of all the qualities we love about her is a huge indication that the potential to become even more powerful, great, and influential within our own circles, has been right there from Day 1. 

Most of us, when we were born, were pretty much totally fearless. We didn't fear the dark. Heck, we lived in it for all 9 months of our tiny little lives up 'til then! We didn't care if nobody liked us. We had no worries about what our hopes and dreams should be, because nobody had told us what to be scared of yet! We were pretty freakin' content, just the way we were, taking naps and making messes and eating half the time. (Sounds like a pretty good life to me.)

But somewhere along the way, our consciousness was born. We became aware. Aware of what's around us, aware of what's going on within us, aware of who thinks what and who invited so-and-so to their party instead of us, and so on and so forth.

Hence, the development of fear.

We learned how to fear strangers. To fear rejection. To fear pain. ("Don't touch that stove; it's hot!") To fear risk. To fear a bad grade. To fear sorrow and anger and bitterness and anything that "wasn't allowed" in our belief systems. To fear ourselves and our own "out-of-control" humanity.

As we grew into children and eventually into adults, for most people this fear has lived on. It has become a central unit of our lives. For most of us it is a driving force, the number 1 entity we consult when we want to embark on a new project or learn a new thing or kiss that beautiful person or take a deep breath at work. Oftentimes, we take stock in fear's opinion more often than we take stock in our own.

And for good reason, right? Fear is an integral part of our lives! It saves us, as Liz Gilbert so beautifully illustrated in her book, "Big Magic." It keeps us from doing stupid things (like jumping off the roof onto a moving motorcycle or, in Liz's words, wandering into the woods and being eaten by bears) that will cause us extreme harm and/or very likely death. But it's not needed all the time. 

That's why most people are feeling a need to develop a higher state of consciousness. (a.k.a. Learn more about themselves and what's really going on in their brains, feelings, and hearts.) One that goes beyond living under the sole reign of fear; one that takes us to the next level of empowered living.

This consciousness is the power of conscious choice. This consciousness is the awareness that not all fear is valid. And not all fear has a reasonable voice. In fact, this consciousness puts us in the place of understanding that fear really shouldn't be the main driver after all. We can act; we don't have to react.

The main driver, with brains and compassion and fear and reason (and Beyoncé-ness), is us.

Beyoncé (presumably) understands this. Do you think she was terrified to sit wayyyyy back in that chair at the 2017 Grammys? Do you think she might have been nervous to perform in a beaded gold suit that, albeit stunning, didn't necessarily look like the warmest or most comfortable piece of clothing to wear? Do you think that she may have wondered a couple of times whether or not she should say every inspiring word that she did?

Probably not. But the first few times she performed and did something even close to this caliber, I bet you anything she surely, surely did. 

Beyoncé's felt the fear. And so have you. And like Beyoncé, you can listen to the fear, or you can move the heck on.

Beyoncé gets it. She gets that a life without risk, is no life at all. She gets that it takes ferocity and an unyielding commitment to the true self, to move mountains. She understands that what she believes in is more important than the value of her own comfort. 

And I'm guessing that, over time, discomfort has become more comfortable in her realm.

(Am I assuming? Absolutely. Do I care? No. #makingapoint)

You are the Beyoncé of your life. Be the Beyoncé of your life. Claim it. Just like she is one-of-a-kind, so are you. You are Irreplaceable. (Pun intended.) There is no one else like you who can Run the World (again, pun intended) like you. Beyoncé gets it; and if you need a better example to follow, I don't know what to do for you, friend. Because that's about as good as it gets.

The point is, you can go for it. You can go for your dreams. Even if your dream is just to pay the next credit card bill with your own money instead of Mom's or Dad's. Even if your dream is just to finish the next test with an A+ instead of an A. Even if your dream is to have more flowers in your yard than anyone else on the block. To eat your cereal alone without screaming toddlers pulling at you. To read a book all the way through without giving up. To send out that potentially non-PC email that you just can't keep to yourself anymore because it's so dang funny. To make it to the river before the summer ends. To run your own business.

All dreams are valid. And your dreams are valid. 

Your life? It is your gift. Your opportunity. Your shining start moment to be everything you've ever dreamed. Fear? Yes, it's part of you. Yes, it's necessary. Yes, it's a warning signal that should be heeded every once in a while. But even greater than your fear is your capacity to love, to reason, and to rely on divine guidance and intuition to help you navigate the best choices you can make for yourself.

You are capable of great things.

You don't have to be driven by fear. Or logic. Or magic. Or opinions. Or hunger. Or pressure. Or anything you don't choose! We choose what drives us. We choose how we will live our lives. We choose whether or not we will continue to rise to the occasion every day to become a better version of ourselves, one who is steadily learning how to balance all the elements. The elements of fear, knowledge, love, bravery, audacity, safety, wisdom, and life! One who is learning the new consciousness.

It's up to you to make the choice. Don't give it up.

**Image Courtesy of Elle Magazine**

**Image Courtesy of Elle Magazine**


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